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    component level skinning...

    andrei vasile Newbie

      Hello, i've read the discussion at:

      and i am wondering if skinning at the component level is possible:

      - i have a page with tow <rich:panel> components.
      - the page is skinned according to the skin stated in web.xml. let's say that the skin is blueSky.
      - i want that the second <rich:panel> to be skinned using the styles of the wine skin.

      Is there any standard way i can achieve this by using skinnability?

      One reason for what i would wanna do this, is because the second component i want to skin differently emphasizes that the page is in a particular state.
      A second reason may be cross cutting concerns...

      I've done it with a css style where i took the layout of the component and copied the values from blueSky skin, having the default skin set to wine

      Thank you for your time