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    RichFaces inplaceInput onchange

    Brian Kates Newbie

      I have a set of RichFaces inplaceInput components for numeric input and a total field that displays the sum of the two values, for example:


      <rich:inplaceInput value="#{myValue1}"'>
           <a4j:support event="onchange" reRender="totalAmount" limitToList="true" />





      <h:outputText value="#{somevalue}"id="totalAmount"/>


      In short, when the onchange event is fired, the model is updated with the previous value.  For example, the page renders with a value of zero.  I type in "1" and the model is updated with "0".  I type in "2" and the model is updated with "1".  etc. I replaced with inplaceInput with a regular input box and didn't experience this problem.


      Is there a solution for this?