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    jboss threads in ps -efL

    shay ngr Newbie

      i am not sure that this is the right place for this post but i will try...

      i am using  linux rad hat 5.1 with jboss

      Usually when i am displaying the jboss amount of thread in linux OS( i am using the ps -efL|grep -ic jboss)

      i get about 150 threads (this is our normal stat -no problem with that)

      the problem starts when we have infrastructure problem 'in this case our threads amount go over 350 and when the infrastructure problem

      Solved the jboss threads amount stays the same.

      Only restarting the jboss service is solving the problem.

      it seems that in case of problem the threads do not closed normally and do not returns to the pool.

      is anybody familiar with such problem