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    JBoss Tools Installation


      I tried installing JBoss Tools today, after not having touched Eclipse in a long time.


      I followed the instructions at http://www.jboss.org/tools/download/update.html#fromzip.


      I started with latest Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, added archive install of downloaded JBoss Tools zip file ...


      It failed with BIRT dependencies issues. I added update locations for BIRT and m2eclipse. Started JBoss Tools install again. It failed again.


      To get everything installed I had to do the following:


      - I added Tigris Subclipse update site: http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.6.x

      - Installed everything from there


      Then I ran JBoss Tools archive install again, and only then it worked.


      Might be worth adding Subclipse update location to the instructions, and mention that subclipse might have to be installed explicitly (somehow it didn't get automatically discovered for me).




      - marko

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          subclipse is only needed if you install all of m2eclipse.


          We do not have any dependency on subclipse.


          Could you give me the message from p2 stating that subeclipse is required and what plugin that is stating it is required ?

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            Ok, looks like there's a little Eclipse bug here.


            After adding the update sites for BIRT and m2eclipse, after the unsuccessful first try, I have to completely close the 'Install New Software' dialog, and opening it again to start another try. And then it works.


            Without that the missing dependencies from before somehow get remembered (even though install gives the impression of recalculating the dependencies, it obviously picks the remembered missing dependencies list from the previous run). And successfully installing anything probably flushes this cache ...




            So, forget about subclipse, we should mention this nasty behaviour in the instructions .




            - marko

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              Yes, p2 ui remembers things too well sometimes.