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    hot redeploy ejb-jar inside exploded ear

    Rafael Ribeiro Novice

      Hi all,


      Is there any trick for triggering a hot redeploy of an ejb-jar module inside an exploded ear?

      I have tried to setup a simple Eclipse project with an ant builder configured so every time my modules changed it would get copied to the exploded ear directory (obviously under jboss deploy directory). Unfortunately I could only make it work by redeploying the whole application (either by touching the folder or the application.xml).

      Is there anyway I can redeploy the single changed EJB module? I tried touching the ejb-jar folder but with no success. Only as a remark I am using EJB3 so by now I still have no deployment descriptors (not even jboss proprietary ones). That's the next step I am taking, trying to provide jboss.xml and seeing if touching this triggers the redeployment of the module.



      Rafael Ribeiro