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    custom component: using JSF core and JSF HTML in jspx-template



        Now that, with Nick Belaevski's help, we finally managed to use a <c:forEach> element in our custom component, I am again. I'd like to proved a HTML <select> element that's populated by a LinkedHashMap.


      In theory, this should work:

      {code:xml}<h:selectOneMenu id="#{clientId}selectT" value="#{component.attributes['valueT']}">
          <f:selectItems value="#{this:getTStatesMap(component)}" />


      Practically, I don't get the <select> element rendered. I checked the namespace and found that h: anf f: are mapped to http://ajax4jsf.org/cdk/h and  http://ajax4jsf.org/cdk/template respectively.


      So I changed the cited markup to use jsfhtml: and jsfcore: prefixes and included



      in the header of our RichFaces template.


      Only, the <select> element is still not there. The source code of the rendered HTML page shows that obviously there's no resposible renderer found for the core and HTML namespaces because I find this:


      <jsfhtml:selectOneMenu id="form:tnmstatusselectT" value="0"><jsfcore:selectItems value="{0=Keine Anzeichen eines Primärtumors oder Primärtumor unbekannt., 1=T Stufe 1., 2=T Stufe 2., 3=T Stufe 3., 4=T Stufe 4., x=Keine Aussage über den Primärtumor möglich., is=Tumor in situ., a=Ta.}"></jsfcore:selectItems></jsfhtml:selectOneMenu>


      What am I missing? Thanks for pointers,