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    Sending message from one instance to another Instance

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      Sorry by mistake i clicked the wrong link and it is marked as answered correct. This is the continuation of the link




      It is working fine for single instance. But in the case of 2 instance it is not working. Let me explain the scenario.


      In my application i am using second instance as ejb container for only sendign the messages to different destinations. So my java classes which generates the messages are there in the first instance. MDB are deployed in second instance. So there is no need of standardjboss configuration needed in first instance ( i hope so). The configuration which i did for single instance message sending is copied to second instance since that is configured as the messaging container (ejb container for MDB ). Now in first instance i am getting following warning ( remeber my first instance is not the mdb container )

      [JMSContainerInvoker] creating a new temporary destination: queue/test_msg_center

      17:11:45,249 INFO  [test_msg_center] Bound to JNDI name: queue/test_msg_center.

      I think all the message destinations names are given in my ejb-jar.xml of my apps in container-transaction tag. But this is not affecting in my old 3.2.5 setup. Is there any issue with the design.



      In case of jboss 3.2. 5 (JMSContainerInvokder.java) if NamingException comes then it catches and writes the error oin log and continues with the following code


               // FIXME: This is not portable, only works for JBossMQ
               if (queue == null)
                  queue = (Queue)createDestination(Queue.class,
                                                      "queue/" + jndiSuffix,


      In the case of jboss 4.2.3 GA it created a temporary destination, if i don't want to create one then what should i do. Is there any mechanisam to disable that property.


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