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    Richfaces and JSF 2.0 resource management

    Mattias Jonasson Newbie



      I have built a new custom component in JSF 2.0 (no composite). The component is working great in my JSF 2.0 environment on TomCat 6. I have another project where I have a dependency to my new custom component. This project is using Richfaces and Seam. I'm trying to use the richfaces-impl-jsf2 version.

      But it looks like the @Resources annotations doesn't work for my custom component when i'm trying to run it in my richfaces application.

      My CSS and Javascript that my component are dependent on is not included in the page.


      Is this something that is known? Does Richfaces support the new resource management in JSF 2.0?


      I have done all the steps here: http://community.jboss.org/wiki/RichFaces333andJSF20


      I am grateful for a reply because I have to choose which way I should go.


      Best regards Mattias