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    How to deploy a Swing-client with jbossall-client.jar?

    Oliver Roell Newbie



      I have written a Swing-client that wants to lookup a stateless session-bean from JBoss 5.1.0., and the lookup works fine within Eclipse. But when I try to deploy the client to the users, I need some JARs containing the JEE-files for the lookup. In JBoss 4 it was sufficient to deploy jbossall-client.jar with the Swing-application, but in JBoss 5, jbossall-client.jar contains only a classpath reference to various client jar files. I must deploy the 51 additional files mentioned in the readme.txt from jbossall-client.jar to my Swing-client to make the application work.


      This seems very inconvenient and cumbersome. Is this really necessary to deploy so much files to my Swing-clients?


      I only need the following three classes javax.naming.Context, javax.naming.InitialContext and javax.rmi.PortableRemoteObject for the lookup.


      Do I really need all 51 jar-files mentioned in the readme.txt for this intention?


      Kind regards