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    Rich Toggle panel inside Rich Data Table

    Michael Whitson Newbie

      I am trying to implement some functionality that gives the effect of in-line editing- the business is asking for a way to click on a column in the rich data table and have a toggle panel effect appear below the column with a colspan the size of the table. 


      The desired effect would implement the rich faces data table with a column having and edit button; the edit button would both fire the ajax call to drop down a new column in the table (with a toggle panel-like effect) and fire off a call to the web service to gather additional information about the data in the column.  The additional parameters could be a form or some sort of in-line editing.  At the bottom of this new column would be a save button that would trigger the ajax call to toggle-up or close the column and save/ update and changed information. 


      I am stuck on implementing this toggle within the data-table.  Is this possible, and if so, can someone offer a working code set?