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    spring integration

    avi bh Newbie

      after wasting a few days playing with ActiveMQ i decided to try the new HorentQ.

      problem is i cant find any documentation on how to configure Spring Integration to work with a stand alone HornetQ server.

      can someone please post a sample configuration?

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          The only thing Spring offers in terms of JMS Integration is the JMSTemplate:




          Which we have always asking users to avoid it, since we don't see the point of it.



          We don't have anything against spring here.. I't just that you need boiler place code to avoid boiler plate code, installing connection managers.. etc, etc.

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            Pierre-Antoine Grégoire Newbie



            I tend to believe that you have nothing against Spring, though I think you mislead this person a bit by stating that Spring only provides the JMSTemplate. This may be true for production of messages (which can be done with plain JMS anyway).


            Spring also provides the MessageListenerContainer, which I personnally successfully use with HornetQ, and also formerly used with JBossMQ and JBossMessaging.

            Believe me when I say the level of presumed complexity is equivalent or lower to the configuration of MDBs with the various server-specific configurations needed.




            BTW HornetQ is a great product, and being able to leverage it whether through standard JavaEE, through native APIs or through de-facto standards like Spring or Guice is a key asset!





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              Andy Taylor Master

              I dont think we mislead the user since we are specifically talking about the JMSTemplate. We have no issues with Spring either like all other IOC containers its very useful.


              I agree with you about the MessageListenerContainer and its complexity compared to MDB's, if you dont need xa, security and all the other things an ejb container gives you then why use it. But if you want to ease complexity even further just use a message listener direct .


              One other point, since HornetQ is pure pojo's you will be able to deploy it via spring if you wqanted, i have already succesfull done this.

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                Pierre-Antoine Grégoire Newbie

                XA and security can equally be achieved with that, though I don't want to argue about that as I'm a regular satisfied user of both MDBs and Spring's MessageListenerContainer.


                As I stated in my previous message, I think HornetQ is brilliant and its POJO approach really great compared to what was formerly done in JBoss Messaging 1.x.

                Your product is great and integrates with others. This is definitely virtuous and I think will increase its use.


                Have a nice day and infinite Kudos for your work!



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                  Andy Taylor Master
                  I wasnt arguing with you i was agreeing and thanks for the kudos