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    @EJB injection in JSF1.2 (JBOSS 5)

    Alex Blintsovskiy Newbie



      There is  a jar-file with EJB-stateless session beans  and  WAR-file with JSF (JSP-  and backed-bean files are in it).  They both packaged standalone.   Firstly,  I deploy jar-file,  then  war-file.


      I have tried to inject   @EJB  injection of  a session bean (which is in the jar-file) into a backed bean (which is in the war-file). But there were errors during  war-file  deployment.  As far as I know,  it was impossible to make use of  @EJB  injection, if  EJB-beans and JSF were in different standalone (not in the same ear-file)  files.   But, maybe, it's possible to do it in JBOSS 5?


      Thank you in advance for your fast responce.