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    Jboss BMP problem

    Shivey Upadhyay Newbie

      public interface HelloWorldHome extends javax.ejb.EJBHome{
      public void create() throws java.rmi.RemoteException, com.MyException;


      --This is a BMP--
      public class HelloWorldBean implements EntityBean{
      ----implemented methods----
      public HelloWorldEntity ejbCreate() throws com.MyException{
      throw new MyException("This is explicitly thrown.")

      package com;

      public class MyException extends RuntimeException{
      --custom code to store message goes here--

      I am trying to run above BMP in JBoss, i want to get the message "This is explicitly thrown." at client, but my exception is not wrapped
      into Remote exception and the message that i get is like "java.lang.IllegalStateException Cannot obtain isMethod flag for....".
      Is there any way i can send this specific runtime exception message to client.


      Thanks in advance.