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    Stomp transport ready for testing? (Delphi / Free Pascal client)

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      as I have seen in the Subversion repository, the Stomp transport seems to be under development already. I am preparing a very feature-rich implementation of  Delphi / Free Pascal Stomp client which is modelled after the JMS API so that developers can easily use JMS code examples for the implementation of client code.


      I am not sure when the Stomp client will be ready for tests, are there currently only stubs for the basic commands or can a client already connect, send and receive messages? My client code already includes a lot of unit tests which I could run against the HornetQ server (on Linux and Windows). I would also be very interested in contributing results of these tests back to the developers.


      It would be very interesting for me to know when basic festures are ready for testing, so that I can schedule my development accordingly.


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