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    Core Bridge using HTTP Transport Question

    Jesse Daniels Newbie

      I have set up a core bridge across two distinct stand-alone HornetQ servers using Netty HTTP as the bridge transport. I've been able to successfully test this configuration sending small files (<3KB).  When I attempt to send a file larger than 3KB, e.g., 7KB, the message does not appear in the destination queue. Inspection of the network traffic between the servers indicates that the HTTP POST from source bridge to destination is indeed successfully executing. When I run the same tests using Netty TCP as the transport (i.e., with http-enabled=false), the messages are delivered to the destination queue as expected.

      I haven't been able to find any configuration elements that might cause this behavior when looking through the documentation. Checking the logs (with logging turned up) does not reveal any obvious issues. Ultimately I'm trying to send files larger than 3KB across a bridge using HTTP as the transport. Any thoughts on what could be causing this or things I can check? Thanks