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    Problem in <rich:toolTip> inside <rich:columns> in richfaces

    tanmoy c Newbie

      Using new version of rich faces i.e richfaces 3.3.0, tool tip text inside <rich:columns> tag are not getting displayed.

      Code snippet we are using for <rich:columns> tool tip :

      <rich:columns colspan="#{roomVar.mainRoom.colspan[index]}"
      rendered="#{roomVar.mainRoom.renderFlag[index] == null}"
      var="headerCol" index="index">

      <h:outputText value="#{roomVar.mainRoom.columnValues[index]}" />

      <rich:toolTip followMouse="true"
      direction="bottom-right" mode="ajax"
      value="Test value" horizontalOffset="5"
      verticalOffset="5" layout="block" style="white-space:nowrap;">

      The value attribute in the <rich:toolTip> doesn’t get displayed though a small tool tip box is getting displayed with no text.

      we use the <rich:columns> tag inside <rich:datatable>

      Moving back to the older richfaces jar i.e richfaces 3.2.1 , tool tip text gets displayed properly without any code change.

      Kindly let us know is there any issue with <rich:toolTip> inside <rich:columns> in the new jar or I am doing something wrong which is not compatible with the new rich faces 3.3.0.

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          gift sam Newbie

          Try this, If my understanding was wrong , please suggest me..

          <rich:toolTip id="ToolTip" for="dateFieldId" followMouse="true" verticalOffset="20" direction="bottom-right" mode="ajax" horizontalOffset="5" styleClass="toolTipClass"
          layout="block" showDelay="0" >
           <h:outputText value="#{NetworkTO.networkAddress}"/>
          <h:outputText id="dateFieldId" value="#{NetworkTO.networkAddress}" />

          In this preceding code I had given the ID(dateFieldId) of <h:outputText> in the "for" attribute of <rich:tooltip>.

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            tanmoy c Newbie


            Since I am using <h:outputText> inside <rich:columns> tag , hence specifying an id for <h:outputText> will give rise to duplicate ids for all the rich:column <h:outputText> elements.

            Is there any way where I can specify dynamic id which will depend on the number of elements in rich:columns and hence will be unique for all <h:outputText> elements inside the <rich:columns>.

            please suggest