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    rich:tabpanel and a4j:commandButton

    odelya yomtov Novice



      I have a problem with tabPanel and a4j:commandButton.


      I have in the second tab a4j:commandButton.


      After the tab was switched with AJAX (switchType="ajax")  the commandButton action is not being called. As well as with aj4:commandLink


      How can I fix it?

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          odelya yomtov Novice
          <rich:tabPanel headerAlignment="center" switchType="ajax">
          <rich:tab label="Uupload Job" labelWidth="100px" id="uploadJob">
          <%@ include file="transferFile.jsp"%>
          <rich:tab styleClass="category" label="View Data" labelWidth="100px"
          Hello User
          <rich:tab styleClass="community" label="Execute"
          labelWidth="100px" id="Execute" >
          <h:outputText  value="Note: You will be Charged while executing to engine" style="font-weight:bold"/>
          <a4j:commandButton value="Execute" action="#{jobsImpl.processJob}" ></a4j:commandButton>
          <h:outputText id="res" value="#{pjobsImpl.result}"
          rendered="#{not empty pjobsImpl.result}" style="font-size:20px;" />
          As well, what is the difference between switchType ="ajax" to switchType="client"?
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            Ilya Shaikovsky Master

            Do you have the form around tab panel itself? if so - one of the forms should be removed as them can't be nested.


            If this is not the case - which RF version you using?


            On you second question - if you using switchType = client - all the tabs loaded to the client and then switched there without any requests. if using ajax - only current tab loaded and when switching occurs - next tab loaded.