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    line breaks in rich:tree?

    Robert Seely Newbie

      Hi!  I've been tasked with developing a RichFaces tree in a fairly narrow space, and have been unsuccessfully trying to get line breaks into the text.  Has anyone tried this?  Is it possible?


      If I put a "<br/>" in the text, the tag characters are escaped, and if I use escaped characters instead ("&lt;br/&gt;"), I get that text, too.  I've found that if I edit the text using Firebug after the page is rendered, and insert a "<br/>," that it works fine (well, the image isn't aligned the way I'd like, but that's another problem!); so I see that it's possible, if I can only manage to get that break into the rendered text!


      I'd much prefer an option that automatically broke the text to fit the space of the <div> that the tree is inside of.


      Any suggestions?