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    Deployment error in JBOSS 5.0 startup

    Tim L Newbie



      I am trying to star-up JBOSS and I run in to the following error...


      11:03:00,389 ERROR [WebModule] Could not create JSR-77 WebModule: TMSWeb.war

      jboss.management.local:j2eeType=WebModule,J2EEServer=Local,J2EEApplication=TMSEAR.ear,name=TMSWeb.war already registered.


      It seems to me that this is a deployment error, but I have undeployed the application successfully, searched and deleted for all files in the JBOSS directory related to "TMS", redeployed it and still to no avail - I even did a system restore to my pC and the probelm still exists.. any help or direction would be very much appreciated