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    jbpm 4.3: Display own task list ?

    Anand Kumar Novice



        I want to develop a web application workflow in which i have a normal user and admin user and both users can start a process definition (PID).


        Is it compulsory to use jbpm schema only or can we use our schema, but problem here is how to relate login, group, membership tables of JBPM with our schema?


        Now i want to know whether i can provide the options like


        For Normal User:

                1.  Can he modify the already exiting process and submit it back with same PID??  (eg: applied a leave,  but want to change in it )

                2.  Can that PID be available in his task list before actual process starts (eg: applied a leave,  but before getting approved or process )


      For Admin User:

                1.  Can he cancel other user PID? (eg. leave reject and task should be deleted from it user and admin )

                2.  how to provide synchronization between two or more users which accessing the same PID? ( i.e admin and normal)


        How to display the history information in the form of charts or graphs with the available jbpm context?


        How to provide monitoring feature of a PID ?(i.e Upto what state is have be processed and by how much time it is waiting in a particular state)


        Please provide me some help in this .....


      Thanks well in Advance...