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    problem with rich:dataTable tag

    Krishna Kishore Novice


      I have gone through rich faces site. It is good.


      But when I tried to create a page with more rich components like richTable and some rich textBoxes, I am getting errors like when I click on any column to sort, the validations are being fired by giving error messages. But this is not being happened when I click on "next page" link at the footer of dataTable.


      I have attached my code in txt file. Please check and let me know how the validation checking can be bypassed when sorting of columns is done.


      Please help me


      Thanks in advance.


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          Stan Silvert Master

          Hi Krishna,


          This forum is for JSF on JBoss AS.  Please submit your question on the RichFaces.





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            Fausto De La Torre Newbie

            It can be because at the moment to apply any filter that action fired the validations on the form, you can try putting the ajaxSingle property in true or you can put the the textboxes and buttons into a a4j;region like this. and the table into another region



            <h:panelGrid columns="3">

                                    <h:outputLabel value="UserName :"/>

                                    <h:inputText value="#{usrMaster.userName}" id="userName" required="true" requiredMessage="Length should be between 5 and 30.">

                                        <f:validateLength maximum="30" minimum="5" />


                                    <rich:message for="userName"/>



                                    <h:outputLabel value="User Type :"/>

                                    <h:selectOneMenu value="#{usrMaster.userType}" id="userType">

                                        <f:selectItem itemLabel="--Select One--" itemValue="0"/>

                                        <f:selectItems value="#{usrMaster.userTypeList}" />


                                    <rich:message for="userType"/>


                                    <h:outputLabel value="Mobile No :" />

                                    <h:inputText value="#{usrMaster.mobileNo}" id="userMobile" required="true" requiredMessage="Please provide mobile number."/>

                                    <rich:message for="userMobile"/>


                                    <h:outputLabel value="Email ID :" />

                                    <h:inputText value="#{usrMaster.emailId}" id="emailId" required="true"/>

                                    <rich:message for="emailId"/>


                                    <a4j:commandButton value="Create" action="#{usrMaster.validateUserDetails}" />

                                    <a4j:commandButton value="Reset" type="reset"/>