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    Performance problem using BMP Bean ejb 2.1 in Jboss 5.0

    Marco Zanker Newbie

      Hi together,


      we have a lot of ejb 2.1 BMP ejbs which are running fine on jboss 4.0.2.

      After testing them in a jboss 5.0.0 we facing a massiv performance problem.

      After debugging, se saw a lot of unnecessary calls to ejbActivate and ejbLoad; sometimes to the same bean (the ID of the bean is shown in brackets)

      These calls to ejbActivate and ejbLoad are not happend on jboss 4.0.2


      15:01:26,140 DEBUG [BSBean] activate(111)
      15:01:26,187 DEBUG [BSBean] load(111)
      15:01:26,187 DEBUG [BSBean] activate(111)
      15:01:26,234 DEBUG [BSBean] load(111)
      15:01:26,234 DEBUG [BSBean] activate(111)
      15:01:26,265 DEBUG [BSBean] load(111)
      15:01:26,281 DEBUG [BSBean] activate(111)
      15:01:26,312 DEBUG [BSBean] load(111)
      15:01:26,328 DEBUG [BSBean] activate(111)
      15:01:26,359 DEBUG [BSBean] load(111)
      15:01:26,359 DEBUG [BSBean] activate(111)
      15:01:26,406 DEBUG [BSBean] load(111)
      15:01:26,406 DEBUG [BSBean] activate(111)
      15:01:26,453 DEBUG [BSBean] load(111)
      15:01:26,453 DEBUG [BSBean] activate(111)
      15:01:26,500 DEBUG [BSBean] load(111)


      The commit option of the BMPs in the standardjboss.xml is A.

            <container-name>Standard BMP EntityBean</container-name>

      isModified Interface is also implmented in all beans and the readonly and all possible methods are defined <read-only>


      Any ideas?

      Thanks and best regards