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    Variable Persistence

    federico farina Newbie

      Hi, i'm trying to store/retreive a variable in Jbpm but i have a problem. My process jbpm receive an object from a mule server, the object is a class which i have defined. In the "mule envirornment" the application works. The variable is stored in the db in a new table that i defined to store the fields of my var (something similar to the bytearray's table). And the table is updated if some variable arrives. But when i try to see the process instance with the jbpm-console i get this exception:



      Object with id: 163 was not of the specified subclass: org.jbpm.context.exe.VariableInstance (Discriminator: A)


      So i think that the problem arrives when jbpm try to read the db and "rebuild" my object. Do i have to write some class to retrieve the object from the db? Is FileDefinition class in relationship whit my problem?