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    Automatic Workflow Assignment in JBPM

    john britto Newbie

      Hai to all


             we are extending alfresco for our  project. In Existing Alfresco the admin user has to initate the workflow by assigning to one of the


      user Called "A".


      when "A" user logs in  he gets the task that  he  has to do.when he starts clicking on the task the workflow is being continued.


      In our need is,


            we don't want to admin to initate the workflow for  a user called "Buyer".

      when "buyer" user  logs in,he should be automatically get the task that he  has to do.

      In order to get the task for him.we need automatic initation of task assiging to user "Buyer"


      is there any sample  having automatic initation of task.


      need your help