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    Manage transitions in java node

    ciccio ciccio Newbie

      Hi guys,

      my "problem" is:

      I am using jBPM 4.3 and i have a java node:

           <java class="it.sample.Action" g="67,348,92,52" method="getOutput" name="Action" var="output">
                     <object expr="#{inputObj}">
                          <property name="keyword"><string value="CLIENT CODE"/></property>
                          <property name="location"><string value="0,0,2539,700"/></property>
                          <property name="fieldRegExp"><string value="([0-9][\\s]*?){6}"/></property>
                <transition g="-68,-18" name="to evaluate result" to="evaluate result"/>
                  <transition name="to error" to="error" g="-42,-18"></transition>


      and my class is:

      public class Action{
      public MyClass getOutput(InputObj obj){
                try {
                     MyClass output = obj.getOutput();
                     return output;
                } catch (Exception e) {
                          // TODO: REDIRECT TO ERROR TRANSITION


      and it works, but I need to take transition "to error" (the one I have defined in java node) when I catch an Exception and I don't know how to do that.

      I've tried to use a <custom> node instead implementing ExternalActivityBehaviour but i don't know how to pass my argument to execute method. I can't set the arguments as variables in previous nodes, because my chiefs pretend to perform the operation in one step.

      Any suggestion to solve this?

      Thanks in advance