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    http-enabled and use-servlet both enabled?

    Geoffrey Ulman Newbie

      I'm experimenting with the various transport options available in HornetQ and have a few questions.


      1. When creating a connector with use-servlet=true, is it an error to also set http-enabled true? Whenever I do this, the connector stops working. I assume that setting use-servlet implies that http will be used? The user manual didn't explicity discuss a configuration where both use-servlet and http-enabled are true...
      2. I've also tried creating a netty http connector without the servlet transport. However, when I try to send object messages larger than about 7 KiB, they send fine, but are never delivered to any listeners. Netty simple tcp transport (http-enabled=false) works fine. I've seen this using the provided hornetq examples, modified to send object messages with byte[] arrays of varying sizes. What might cause this behavior?


      Thanks in advance for any insight.




      P.S. I'm using HornetQ 2.0.0.GA embedded in JBoss 5.1.0.GA


      P.P.S. I've attached sample hornetq configuration files that cause case 2 to occur. The netty-connector works fine, the problem occurs with the netty-http-connector. (the remoting-interceptors which refer to custom code can be ignorred. The problem occurs without them.