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    Scripting with SSH and jboss startup

    Ed Larkin Newbie



      I am working on an automated build project right now that involves a single build server and multiple app servers, on the build server I am running a script to start/stop jboss, check out code, compile, deploy ears, copy files.


      I am currently running some scripts with ssh and they are all working fine except for the startup script:


      On the build server I call:

      ssh user@$SERVER '/home/user/scripts/build/startem.sh'


      here is the startem.sh script on the local machine:



      export JAVA_HOME


      export JBOSS_HOME

      /home/user/scripts/startservera.sh &

      sleep 15

      /home/mdfuser/scripts/startserverb.sh &



      Here is the startservera.sh startserverb.sh is identical except -c and its NODE2 not NODE1


      $JBOSS_HOME/bin/run.sh -b -c servernamea -DMDFJVM=$DMFCODE other options here > ~/logs/server.log &

      The problem is servera will startup, then serverb will startup but it never exits, so the ssh commands stays open and never finishes on the build server.
      I have placed exits all over the place and none of them will escape the ssh command. I have a feeling it is the backgrounding ampersand in the startup script.
      Anyone have any suggestions on how background without an ampersand? or possibly bypass this problem?