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    CXF authentication problems

    Nikola Iva�i� Newbie

      I'm writing a WS application with CXF stack. The app uses asymmetric encryption and signing of SOAP body which is configured via

      WS-Policy in jbossws-cxf.xml. All works fine (ws method invocation etc...) except I'm unable to get authenticated principal in webservice endpoint.

      Niether the WebServiceContext.getPrincipal() nor SecurityAssociation.getCallerPrincipal() works.

      The login module and security domain are correctly configured in jboss-web.xml, because I tested it on native stack prior to installing CXF. On native stack I got the authenticated username via SecurityAssociation.getCallerPrincipal().

      Does CXF integrate diferently with JBossSX or did I miss something obvious?

      I use latest 3.2.2 CXF release and JBoss 5.1.0 GA running all configuration.


      Thanks for help.