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    Integration with Resin, CanDI

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      Had a nice conversation today with Reza Rahman (http://www.rahmannet.net/) about ShrinkWrap/Arquillian integration with Resin and CanDI.


      The cool thing is that we have similar visions; none of these projects aim to do everything themselves.  In fact, Reza was careful to point out that Resin and CanDI both aim to integrate the best of what's available in the community.


      So this Thread is mostly a welcome to Reza, and a jumping-off point for future integration.


      Some definitions:


      ShrinkWrap - Java API for creating archives such as JARs, EARs, WARs, without an explicit build step

      Arquillian - Test harness abstracting container lifecycle and deployment from the user; they just write business logic



      You'll see the first step towards container integration is to support a deployment mechanism to accept ShrinkWrap archives.  After that, in Arquillian our container implementations simply call whatever vendor's Embedded API is supported (so its abstracted from the user).


      For those on our side of the house, CanDI is analagous to Weld; an implementation of JSR-299.


      It's this kind of collaboration among vendors which give users a cohesive end view, ultimately simplifying the JEE platform while keeping user freedom in terms of vendor choice.