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    ModeShape and JDK 6

    Randall Hauch Master

      At the moment, ModeShape requires only JDK 5 (but will run on something newer). Even though JDK 5 is already past its end-of-life, it does allow those applications still relying upon JRE 5 to use ModeShape. However, more and more 3rd-party libraries (including Infinispan 4.0.0.CRs) are requiring a minimum of JDK 6, which means we cannot use them.


      I know we've discussed this in the past, and we chose not to switch. But at that time, there was no real need to switch to Java 6 but some good reasons to stay at Java 5. Now, that equation is changing, and there are definite reasons to move to Java 6, and fewer reasons to stay on Java 5.

      1) Is anybody still using a Java 6 environment?

      2) Does anyone want us to stay on Java 6, even if it means connectors and sequencers might not support the latest versions of some libraries?