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    IE - modalPanel - AjaxScript.jsf Error !?

    Tim Newbie

      hi there,

      i have a login page for my webapp. after clicking the submit button, there is a "loading" modal panel. it gets removed by the oncomplete attribute of the commandButton.

      some code:

      <a4j:commandButton id="loginButton" style="width:100%;"
       value="#{res.login_confirm}" reRender="errMsg"
       <rich:componentControl for="loadModalPanelLogin"
       attachTo="loginButton" operation="show" event="onclick" />

      firefox works fine. ie8 says the following:

      with ie7 there was no error. but the modalPanel wouldn't remove itself, just stayed on top and nothing was going on anymore.

      any suggestions?

      thanks in advance.
      kind regards,