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    togglePanel and problems during Ajax ReRender

    Mehmet Salgar Novice

      Hi everybody,

      I am having problems with togglePanel but may be I am also pushing borders of what is possible..

      I have a togglepanel in a datatable, which is working in Ajax mode.

      Togglepanel has two states, closed, open and it is intially closed...

      In the datatable, only the selected row renders the toogle control.

      The problem is, when I click the togglecontrol and change the state of the togglepanel (to open state), it opens and everything is fine, but when the GUI gets an event (we have a4j:push control in the page and datatable is in the reRender defined), toggle control returns to initial state (to closed)...

      While I am using the tooglepanel in Ajax mode, I was expecting this not going to happen. I think while the tooglepanel is inside of the datatable that complicates everything and may be what I want is impossible.

      Does anybody experienced anything similar and has solution for it...