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    HornetQ, paging and queue counters

    Or Peles Newbie

      Hi Folks,


      I'm currently evaluating HornetQ to use as an embedded messaging library, and I've run in to this interesting question.


      I want to use HornetQ to implement a guarenteed delivery queue. The queue consumer can be down for any amount of time (even days), so the queue can get quite large. Without paging, Java will run out of memory.


      I tested paging, and it seems to work ok. So far so good.


      I also have another requirement, which is to be able to query the queue and see how many messages are in it. From what I understand of the docs, this is supported. Again, so far so good.


      However, the paging system, as I understand it, block messages at the address level. I didn't see any support for message counters at the address level. Since my system is point to point, I have no reason not to just have each queue linked to its own address, so if I had the address counter I'd be ok (just add them up), but I can't find it.


      Any thoughts?