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    Switching to milestone releases for 4.0.0.xxx

    Jay Balunas Master

      I wanted to bring this up at todays meeting, but ran out of time.  I wanted to start a discussion about switching to a milestone release format for out 4.0 release post ALPHA2.


      There are several reasons for this. 

      1) Beta typically implies functional complete, but we will not have all of our components moved over. 

      2) Implies steady progress and in my mind fits the time-box approach better.


      This would mean that the releases after ALPHA2 would take this form:




      YYYY = 4 digit year example 2010

      MM     = 2 digit month example 02

      DD     = 2 digit day example 16

      n        = release #


      For example:



      The timestamp is to keep it in order for OSGI reasons.  For reference take a look here: http://community.jboss.org/wiki/JBossProjectVersioning


      The zip files, and other artifacts do not need the date, but jars would.  Then once we get to CRn releases and GA we would not need the date.