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    Properties value can't wire #{object}

    ciccio ciccio Newbie

      Hi guys,

      is it possible to wire an object in property of properties?

      The code is:

      <custom name="outputManager" class="it.Example">
           <field name="properties">
                <object class="it.MyProperties">
                     <property name="parametersMap">
                          <map class="java.util.HashMap">
                                         <string value="outputPathName" />
                                         <object expr="C:#{output[0].value}" />
                              <property name="properties">
                               <property name="outputPathName" value="C:#{output[0].value}" />
      <transition name="to end" to="end" />


      In this code i use a Map and it functions because i can use <object> with attribute "expr", otherwise when i use <properties> (java.util.Properties), the value can't wire my object #{output} and it takes "outputPathName" like "C:#{output[0].value}"

      Any suggestions to cast my object in string?

      I'd like to use EL function to concat but i'm still waiting an answer in my other thread!!

      Thanks in advance