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    Defining a new Servlet filter for wsrp requests

    Koray Cetinbas Newbie

      hi all,


      I am currently using jboss portal 2.6.4 and that version has a bug. That is when you try to acces wsrp producer info by using the link



      The wsdl returned should have machine DNS name instead of values below


      <definitions targetNamespace="urn:oasis:names:tc:wsrp:v1:wsdl">
      <service name="WSRPService">
      <port binding="bind:WSRP_v1_ServiceDescription_Binding_SOAP" name="WSRPServiceDescriptionService">
      <soap:address location=""/>
      <port binding="bind:WSRP_v1_Markup_Binding_SOAP" name="WSRPBaseService">
      <soap:address location=""/>
      <port binding="bind:WSRP_v1_PortletManagement_Binding_SOAP" name="WSRPPortletManagementService">
      <soap:address location=""/>
      <port binding="bind:WSRP_v1_Registration_Binding_SOAP" name="WSRPRegistrationService">
      <soap:address location=""/>


      I have no option of updating portal version to correct that problem.

      That is why i decided to implement a new filter to cut the request to portal-wsrp/MarkupService?wsdl url.


      I am intending to update the values myself in the filter.


      I have written a filter, compiled it, and defined it under server\default\deploy\jboss-portal.sar\portal-wsrp.sar\portal-wsrp.war\WEB-INF\web-xml


      The problem i am having is that i do not know in which jar file to put the new filter under. ( I am opening the jar file with a zip program and adding the class file myself)

      The other filter defined in the same web-xml resides under server\default\deploy\jboss-portal.sar\portal-wsrp.sar\portal-wsrp-lib.jar

      That jar file did not work


      No matter into which jar file i inject the new filter i am always having class not found exception. I have tried quite a number of jar files


      Is what i am doing not possible, or which jar file should i use or do i need to do some other configuration?

      I do not know where tomcat deployer looks for class files. I need to inject my class file there but i do not know where


      I would be glad if someone would give me a hint or help me to overcome this problem some other way.

      Any help is appreciated



      Koray Cetinbas