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    Strange behaviour of the componentcontrol in IE and Chrome

    Josafa Jr Newbie

      Hi everybody,


      Since I upgraded form richfaces 3.1 to 3.3.2 I got a strange behaviour in the component control in IE and Google Chrome.

      The application starts correctly, all the other components that I'm using (Color pick, datatable, buttons, etc) are working.

      But, I have a componet control to a pop up menu, that I heavely use in my application, and in IE and Chrome they don't charge in the first run, what I want to say is: When I start the IE and go to my application, it loads ok, then I access the page that uses the component control, and the component doesn't run, it gives a javascript error. Making some tests I verified that when I access the page the first time, the error occuors then if i reload the page, (by clicking in the address and pressin enter) it works.

      I'm using Ajax and session to navigate to all pages in my application, so, when I access the system and then change to the page where the component control is, the browser is not reloaded.


      I'm trying to figure what is happening, and I need to use the color picker, so, theres anybody that could help me?