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    JEE 6

    Fabricio Lemos Newbie

      Has Jboss Tools any kind of support for JEE 6? I installed v201002170901 nightly but could not see anything related at New Project Wizard.


      It would be great to have something similar to Seam and Maven integration, but for CDI, JSF 2 and (hopefully) Glassfish



      Fabrício Lemos

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          Maxim Areshkau Apprentice


          If you create a JEE6 project you will be able to run in using JBoss on application servers. I haven't tried glassfish, but you can try to use JBoss AS for example. We haven't any kick start projects related for CDI, JSF 2.

          There exists an FR for it and you can vote for it. https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBIDE-5219 . Any other features which whould you like to see in JBoss Tools?

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            Fabricio Lemos Newbie

            Ok, thank you Maxim. I voted and will be watching this FR.

            Any other features which whould you like to see in JBoss Tools?


            I would like JEE 6 projects created with JBTools could run smoothly on Glassfish. For example, Maven Integration for Seam projects is great, but requires a lot of changes on pom.xml dependencies to run on Glassfish and also we need to do a lot of manual work like declaring the EJBs at web.xml.

            I know that your target server is Jboss AS, but I think with JEE 6 standardizing some core technologies, it will be easier to add support for more servers.
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              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

              The way to get this is that someone create maven archetypes that create projects that can run on both JBoss and Glassfish....then our seam integration will still work


              We already support most of JSF2 and CDI in the tooling (codecompletion, openon etc.) so just try and use your maven projects with that and report bugs if the tools are behaving badly.


              For full JEE6 support we would most likely need to move to Eclipse 3.6.0 since that is where the core WTP gets better understanding of JEE6.


              But please yes, open jira requests and we'll do what we can - patches would of course also be very welcome

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