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    SuggestionBox inside modalpanel in IE causes JS error, cannot select results

    Sushant Saini Novice

      I am using a suggestion box inside a modalpanel and I cannot click on the results dipsplayed  and getting a  javascript error in IE6, IE7, IE8. Results are just hanging in the air even if I close the modal panel. Even tabbing out is not putting the selected value in my text box.When I move the mouse over to results displayed they do get highlighted. Works fine in Firefox. When I use the same suggestbox inside a page without modalpanel it works fine for me.I debugged the issue to some extend. There is no error when AJAX request is fire, error appears when response is back from the server.


      Details of javascript error are following:


      Line: 55
      Error: Object required
      utils.js.jsf Line 55 character1


      Note: Works fine in firefox


      I have attached my xhtml file here. You wont be able to deploy them as I have attached just the xhtml files but you can see the code.


      contacts-page.xhtml is the main file.

      agencyedit-popup.xhtml this is the file containing modalpanel which is in its own form.

      contacts-results.xhtml is the file which invoked the modalpanel.


      Let me know if you need anything else.