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    Custom activities/tasks in signavio editor that can be run in jBPM

    Martin Drasar Newbie

      Hello everyone,
      in my company we are currently evaluating transition from the .NET workflows to the jBPM and I have a question, that is vital for our transition.
      We want to use the signavio editor that is bundled with the jBPM package to allow users to create their own workflows and choose events that would trigger them. It is necessary that the user is able to create the workflow from top to bottom without the need for an intervention from any programmer or such. With our previous .NET solution (that was abandoned because of a lack of an easy support for a failover and other jBoss feats), we have had prepared several activities or tasks that executed crucial atomic operations. For example there was an activity that made an outgoing call to a specified number.
      Looking at the signavio editor I see that there is a set of activities that are either too abstract (Task) or too much for programmers (Java task). What I would like to do is to add an activity to the editor, that would do some specific action and would require minimum input data (like the phone number and nothing else).
      I already know how to add such custom activity to the editor (by editing the stencilset), however this newly added activity is not saved into the *.jpdl.xml file.
      So my question is - how to add new custom activity into editor and make it translate into something that the jBPM engine can process and run? For example the activity to make an outgoing call could be translated inside the jpdl file into custom task and coupled event-listener.


      I hope I have made myself clear.
      Thanks for your time and any answer.