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    rich:messages + level + ajaxRendered + reRender (bug?)

    Israel Fonseca Apprentice

      Hi, i'm using a rich:messages with ajaxRendered="false" and the level attribute, but my reRender do not render the rich:messages that do have a level attribute on it. My test-case:


      --- xhtml


                  <a4j:commandButton value="Submit" action="#{bean.submit}" reRender="error"/>
              <a4j:outputPanel id="error">
                  <rich:messages level="INFO" ajaxRendered="false"/>
                  <rich:messages ajaxRendered="false"/>


      --- class


      public class Bean {


          public void submit(){
              FacesMessages.instance().add(Severity.INFO, "Sucess!");


      Only one message is been showed, the one that do not have the level attribute, is it a bug?


      Using RichFaces 3.3.3.CR1.