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    suggestionBox and multiple rich:messages pattern

    Israel Fonseca Apprentice

      Hi, is thery any way to implement some cache to the rich:suggestionBox work completely client-side? The rich:comboBox is stated as the "client-side" version of it, but it lacks the feature of "multiple tokens autocompletion triggering" (thats how i describe it).


      Secondly, what is the best pattern to handle multiple rich:messages in the page? ajaxRendered=false and manual rendering? rendered attribute binding?


      Example, in my main page i have a rich:messages that show errors from a form, in that same page i can open a modal panel that have another form and another rich:messages for it errors. The problem is: if i trigger some errors in that modal the bottom page show the error in it rich:messages. ajaxRendered=false was good for me, but now i'm with the bug that i reported in the other topic. Any ideas?


      Thks in advance,