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    <rich:messages> grouping

    Harshal Nagpure Newbie

      Hi All

         i have a project page which is distributed in several panels (or groups you can say). Each panel his having some input components. I am carrying out the validations correctly, and whatever the errors i am getting, i am creating a faces messages there.


        Now i am using <rich:messages> for displaying these facesMessage. But my requirement is, i should group the error messsage for one panel at a single locaiton (like just before that panel), and similarly messages for other panels will go to their respective places. As i have used <rich:messages> tag, all the messages are getting displayed everywhere. Means even the errors in second panel are displayed in first one.

      I tried using the <rich:messages for=""> but if i am mentioning the value in for then no errors are read and displayed anywhere.



      Do we have any solution on this? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.



      Best Regard !!