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    Envers with Postgresql - wrong schema creation

    Przem Jask Newbie



      Looks like there is a problem when using Envers with postgresql. During schema creation none of the AUD tables is created due to:


      * 2010-02-19 08:59:30,730 [] [main] 
        ERROR SchemaUpdate.execute():212
        Unsuccessful: create table entities.ItemsCompilation_AUD (originalId.id int8 not null, originalId.REV int4 not null, revtype int2, primary key (originalId.id, originalId.REV))
      * 2010-02-19 08:59:30,730 [] [main] 
        ERROR SchemaUpdate.execute():213
        ERROR: syntax error at or near "."



      Look like column names "originalId.id" "originalId.REV" are illegal.



      Any ideas how to solve this?