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    a4j:push and rich:tabPanel

    Atul Kshirsagar Newbie

      I am using a4j:push tags in only one of the tabs of rich:tabPanel (I have multiple tabs in rich:tabPanel). I am using 'ajax' switch type for tabPanel. With this configuration I found that whenever the tab containing a4j:push tag becomes active, method specified in eventProducer attribute of a4j:push is called resulting in registering PushEventListener with backing bean. This results in as many registration calls as many times I switch back and forth between this tab and other tabs. I would like to know if the PushEventListener reference is same every time or will it be different every time the tab is made as 'active' tab. Should I ignore the subsequent calls or always overwrite the PushEventListener my backing bean is holding with the latest reference?

      Also, I found that even though tab containing a4j:push is inactive, a4j:push continues to poll for events (I noticed it by looking at firebug console). Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Since in this case the component a4j:push re-renders is not on client dom polling for event seems un-necessary.

      Any pointers/help with regards to above two questions is appreciated.

      Atul Kshirsagar