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    Help! a4j filter + Internet Explorer.

    Mariano Arg Newbie

      I know this is a recurrent issue, I've searched the forum and the web but didn't find a solution.


      I'm using RichFaces 3.1.6 with a4j support for building an app (can't upgrade RF version). The app is containet in containet in a portlet (Jetspeed as portlets manager).


      It works like a charm with Firefox 3. However we are getting all types of errors with IE.


      With IE6 it's working fine but very very slow.

      With IE7 it's not properly rendering the pages. Refresh button needs to be clicked every time we navigate from one page to another.


      (With IE8 is a mess but it's not required).


      I found a workaround for IE7: adding <redirect/> tag in every navigation rule. It fixes the problem of having to click the refresh button but I would have to discard the ajax support and transform every action into navigation rules. I'm not sure what to think about this solution but it seems a lot of work.


      I also found that I could change the filter (neko filter, currently a4jfilter) and add some params to tune the app but since the app is using 3.1 version I'm not sure about this neither.


      The main supported browser should be IE7.


      Any help would be appreciated