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    Failing tests on the AS6 Hornetq temporary branch

    Clebert Suconic Master

      To run the testsuite on the AS6 is a bit of a hassle at first (until you get accostumed).



      there is a main target called "tests" which will run several sub-targets.


      On of those targets is tests-jbossmessaging (which is running hornetq's test.. I will rename this target after merge)

      tets-jbossmessaging will start a server and call tests-jbossmessaging-unit



      A good way to debug tests is to start a server manually and use the one-test target.



      Under the target tests-jbossmessaging, we have these tests failing:



      all of them org.jboss.test.jbossmessaging.test:









      ^^ Some of these failures are explained here: http://community.jboss.org/thread/147304?tstart=0


      We're doing some different treatment on temporary destinations. But maybe those were inherited from the TCK. I believe if we to not fix those... we may have a few issues on the TCK.




      On the other targets,


      There are still a few tests failing because of not deploying destinations properly. We have to basically replace the old service.xml by the new deployments.


      The multiple jars used on the testsuite are deployed by imported ant tasks under ./testsuite/imports/section. When you need to change a jar you have to basically grep under /imports/section and find your jar.


      the XMLs that are part of the jars are under /testsuite/src/resources.



      I have a list of tests that will need deployment changes:





      org.jboss.test.jca.test.ExecuteJMSDuringRollbackStressTestCase (executed under tests-standard-stress)

      org.jboss.test.cts.test.StatelessSessionStressTestCase (tests-standard-stress)




      There may be more.. as the testsuite didn't finish on my box due to some UDP issues. I will have to check for more later.



      There is also the profiletests failing (the entire target) but I will be waiting on Alexey for that.



      @Andy: If you want to help on cleaning those, maybe you could take a look on the jbossmessaging tests. We need to make sure if the tests are valid (based on the spec) and if they represent a real bug or broken tests. It would be nice If you could take care of those first. The deployment ones are easier to handle at the moment and I could do it over the weekend.