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    problem with using pojo cache with other application server

    jason hu Newbie

      I was able to work out a standalone, simple Hello world of the pojo cache in netbeans. pretty easy and simple.
      then I tried to make it work in oracle OC4J. I was not even able to start the server with javaagent option, I got this exception:

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javassist/scopedpool/ScopedClassPoolFactory
      at java.lang.Class.getDeclaredMethods0(Native Method)
      at java.lang.Class.privateGetDeclaredMethods(Class.java:2427)
      at java.lang.Class.getMethod0(Class.java:2670)
      at java.lang.Class.getMethod(Class.java:1603)
      at sun.instrument.InstrumentationImpl.loadClassAndStartAgent(InstrumentationImpl.java:294)
      at sun.instrument.InstrumentationImpl.loadClassAndCallPremain(InstrumentationImpl.java:338)

      I guess current aop imlementation can't tap into the oc4j classloader.
      here is my simple start script

      for i in /lib/*.jar
      java -javaagent:/lib/jboss-aop.jar -Djboss.aop.path=/config/pojocache-aop.xml -classpath $POJO_CLASSPATH -jar oc4j.jar