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    confirmation-window-size in hornetq-jms.xml

    Josh Britton Newbie

      Hi.  I'm trying to figure out whether I need to explicitly set the confirmation-window-size, and I'm puzzled by the last few lines of section 34.1 in the documentation:


      The window is specified in bytes, and has a default value of 1MiB.

      Setting this parameter to -1 disables any buffering and prevents any re-attachment from occurring, forcing reconnect instead. The default value for this parameter is -1.


      Is the default 1MiB, or -1?  I couldn't find the value referenced in the jmx-console.


      I examined the "Reattach Node Example" (11.1.41) and did not see any explicit setting of confirmation-window-size in the example's hornetq-jms.xml, so I am guessing that 1MiB is the default.  Can anyone confirm this?


      Thanks for looking at my question.