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    server hostname configuration

    Marko Lukic Newbie



      Ive deployed web service to jboss 5.1 server and jbossws 3.2.2GA by exposing Stateless ejb as web service


      @WebService(name = "VASKOListener")
      @SOAPBinding(style = Style.RPC)
      public class VASKOListener implements VASKOListenerRemote, VASKOListenerLocal {


      deployment goes ok, but WSDL of web service is generated at address




      klikmee-server is linux hostname of machine with a public IP on which jboss is running. WSDL above is not accessable

      to clients.


      is there a way to configure jboss so that it uses IP of linux box rather then it hostname, so that wsdl is on the address




      or any other solution..